Parallel Lines

How do people even get it right? The perfect person, perfect timing, perfect occasion and every other consequences that follow. I wonder if it is true that people meet the right person, at the right moment. If someone is comfortable to hang out with, to talk to, does that make him or her the right […]

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Could’ve been

Could’ve been. How many times this phrase replayed in your mind? Could’ve been me, gettingΒ  Dean’s list, scoring a 4.0 CGPA, leading a chill and relaxed life, going on a vacation instead of hanging around in hostel. Could’ve been us, hanging out together, going for movies and drinking coffee together, being together. It haunts me, […]

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Break ups

I imagined break ups to be rage more than saddening, more quarrelling than weeping, then begging for each other to come back again. Not us. You could say it was peaceful, that we could still be friends after it. I thought that nothing’s gonna change, I would be calm and collected when I see you, […]

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Things I realised a little too late

Always thought that you are just a friend, maybe my best friend, but only now I realised you are so much more than that. 12 years of friendship and our lives keep intertwined, at different time frame. Same primary school, same tuition classes in secondary school period, taking the same subjects in college. Maybe this […]

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So, this is the book I read a few days ago. At first I thought ” Wow, this book is cool!” because the summary is catchy: the firstlife is just a dress rehearsal, and real life starts after the first death. It makes me wonder what stories are there to be told after the first […]

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